S A B O T A G E | My #ButterflyTransition Story (Part 3)

S A B O T A G E | My #ButterflyTransition Story (Part 3)

S A B O T A G E | My #ButterflyTransition Story (Part 3)

SELF SABOTAGE | Being the person to stop, hold back, or not carry out a task out of fear you would fail if you tried.

There is no one who can achieve holding you back better than you. Self-Sabotage is the equivalent of tripping yourself down the stairs and looking behind you as if someone else did it. The scary thing is many sabotage their dreams subconsciously, never realizing they are the reason for their unhappiness, failures, and even loneliness.

My self-sabotaging was my negative mindset and thoughts about some of my best ideas being failures. This thinking kept me busy doing everything other than the very things I should have been doing, I wasn’t serving my purpose.

It all came to a head when I tried to release my jewelry to a focus group. The constructive feedback I received went so deep I began to tell myself nothing I touched would be successful. I had made plans to release other things but ended up telling myself it too would fail, just like my jewelry. The crazy thing is my jewelry hadn’t failed, I just had people in the focus group that

  1. Didn’t like butterflies and
  2. Did Not like my esthetic

But the self-sabotaging become my worst enemy, I was poking holes in personal relationships, my work life, and anything that was attached to me.

3 actions to remove Self-Sabotage

  1. Take one action step opposite of what you say won’t work
  2. Write out negative thoughts and read them to a friend
  3. Use daily affirmations to combat negative thinking

The mind is powerful, what you think will soon come to pass if you allow it to consume you. My constant struggle with sabotage isn’t over, but I’m better today in managing it. That’s really all I can do or anyone for that matter. Evaluate the things that we don’t like about ourselves and work hard at correcting them.

As with anything it’s all about you choosing to be different that will give you the best results. I choose to not self-sabotage my blessings. Besides, I’ve seen how successful I can be when I don’t and there is proof in believing in yourself. I’ve only found my fears, doubts, and self-sabotage all liars in the face of how things have gone since realizing I needed to work on these areas.

I’ve become an author, a speaker and a Transition Coach, all because I chose to not listen to 3 things telling me I couldn’t be.

From all of my struggles, I get to help you do the same thing and identify the areas of your life that deserve to shine brighter. It was natural hair that helped to open the gates to me treating my life better. Now, it is my life that is helping me to help those fighting their own battles.

My intention this year is to successfully help women transition out of Fear, Doubt & Self-Sabotage. And it begins now. If you’re wondering how you can work with me, I want you to know there are 7 ways we can achieve this effort. Check them out below:


Yours in Transition,



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